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RxSource Team's Mindful May Adventure:
Moving, Marathons and More!

Get ready to join RxSource as we recap on our exhilarating journey through Mindful May! This transformative event brought our team together like never before, as we embraced a range of health themes and exciting physical challenges. From family walks to marathons benefiting charitable causes, the RxSource team brought our A-game to promote well-being and make a positive impact on our physical and mental health. Let's dive into some of our achievements during this adventure-filled month!

Week 1: Sleep - Resting Up for Epic Adventures:

To kick off Mindful May, we shared healthy sleep tips with our team, helping them to recharge and prepare for the challenges ahead. Armed with quality sleep, the team was ready to embrace a series of physical and mentals challenges in the month ahead. We needed the rest! Our team challenge for May was for walk/run the distance between our Canadian, US and Ireland facilities, a distance of 5677 km.

Week 2: Reading - Expanding Horizons Between Every Step:

Healthy bodies start with a healthy mind. Reading helps us to relax and reduces stress, and is an activity we actively encourage in RxSource through sharing ‘recommended reads’. Whether we’re reading inspirational memoirs, business books, exciting adventure stories, or travel books describing places we dream of visiting, reading is a great way to expand our horizons. With our minds fuelled by captivating books, the RxSource team continued to update our ‘active miles tracker’ as we embarked on hikes, half marathons, marathons and ultra-marathons to cover the distance between our sites. We travelled Toronto to New Jersey with ease. Who knew that Atlantic was so wide though?

Week 3: Listening - Moving to the Rhythm of Good Conversations:

We all hear, but how many of us listen? During Week 3 we encouraged our team to engage in the art of active listening. This helps us to build trust and meaningful relationships, build and retain knowledge, while also helping us to anticipate problems and resolve conflicts.

Week 4: Laughter and Smiling - The Fuel for Joyful Strides:

The final week of Mindful May brought laughter and smiles to the forefront. Laughter is a strong medicine that is fun, free and easy to use! It triggers the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, our endorphins, to give us an overall sense of wellbeing and joy.

Our team continued to chip away at our virtual transatlantic crossing. We had passed the middle of the Atlantic, helped by some of our more active colleagues and their long distance runs for good causes. Jack Thomson participated in the Hackney Half Marathon, supporting the Single Homeless Project, and Meredith Gironta joined the 50-mile ultra-marathon relay in the majestic Catskill Mountains of New York, which benefited the Mohonk Preserve. Each step they took represented their commitment to making a positive impact while having an absolute blast!

Our Rewards

The RxSource team's Mindful May adventure took us on a thrilling ride of physical challenges, personal growth, and making a difference in our communities. From invigorating family walks to tackling long distance runs for a noble cause, we demonstrated the power of unity and well-being. Our company’s commitment to physical and mental well-being, along with our team’s contagious enthusiasm, gives us the energy we need to continue to deliver superior service levels to our clients and their patients.

So, did we make it to Ireland? Not this year…we ended up with wet feet somewhere off the west coast…although we got much closer than in previous years. We hope our story has encouraged you to lace up your shoes, put on your biggest smile, and join RxSource on their next adventure towards a healthier, happier future!

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