Demand-Led Packaging

Demand-Led packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

Why Work with RxSource?

Bespoke Packaging and Labelling for Clinical Trials

RxSource package kits to specific patient requirements in as little as 48 hours from the receipt of order.

Avoid Shelf-Life Extension

By packaging on receipt of order, the best possible expiration date can be applied to each kit, reducing the need for future shelf-life extension labelling.

Potential to Resell Unused Material

By not packaging until there is demand, we can store comparator products in their original commercial package. As it has not been manipulated, RxSource can help resell any material that isn’t used.

Optimizing supply with demand-led packaging and labelling solutions

Overpackaging clinical trial products can lead to a significant amount of cost and waste which can have a huge impact on the cost of a trial as well as having an environmental impact. Packaging specifically for a patient need at the point of receiving an order drastically reduces waste while easing the storage burden on clinical sites.

In as little as 48 hours, RxSource can create a bespoke patient kit ready for despatch. Packaging at the point of despatch benefits short-dated IMPs as the best possible expiry will be applied to the kit. This increases the chances of avoiding the significant costs and site management involved in shelf-life extension.

At RxSource, we understand each trial is different and create a tailored solution for each study including a hybrid of traditional and demand-led packaging. A robust supply-chain is key for the success of a trial.


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