RxSource provides short-term and long-term storage facilities with the flexibility, control and storage capacity to fit your specific requirements.

Each of our RxSource facilities offers:

  • A range of available temperature conditions:
    • +15°C to +25°C
    • +2°C to +8°C
    • -20°C
    • -80°C
    • Uncontrolled conditions
  • Temperature-controlled areas monitored for temperature fluctuations
  • Inventory management
  • Temperature mapping
  • Bespoke reporting if required

Depot Services

We offer depot services in Canada, USA and Ireland as well as 3PL partners globally to meet your needs.

Shipping and Logistics

Our facilities are located close to major airports, allowing for rapid global shipping. We ship globally using standard and specialized logistics providers.

We can also offer Quality Assurance approved pre-qualified shipping systems to maintain product quality during transit. Our Logistics Team will diligently determine the use of pre-qualified shippers to ensure they meet accepted criteria, such as acceptable shipping duration or temperature control requirements.

Additionally, RxSource can assist with the challenges of importing into the USA by acting as the Importer of Record, facilitating the required information for FDA release and onwards shipment to our facility.

Returns & Destruction

Once your clinical trial is complete RxSource can assist with arranging the return of unused clinical trial material from sites to our facilities for destruction. We offer two levels of reconciliation: number of secondary units received, and number of primary units received. Once approved for destruction, we will facilitate and certify the destruction of approved material.

We are always keen to improve patients access to medicines. As an alternative to destruction, we can assist you in donating commercial medicines and ancillaries, ensuring full oversight of the safety and quality of materials made available for donation.